UN Christopher is an immigration activist,a Citizen of Nigeria in West Africa and the Founder of Africa Continent Care for Migration,UN Christopher dedicates his life to fulfilling the Great Commission for the benefit of Young Migrants Children.

UN Christopher take extraordinary care and precision and vision in recognizing the beauty and the grace and the dignity of people who migrate/lives in another country, who are invisible in our lives.” UN Christopher is migrant also created  Africa Continent Care For Migration to enable him bring unlimited peace upon the Christian, Jewish and Muslim, inter-religious in Africa/globe, along with cross-sector partners, will work to accelerate impact in targeted communities.

To ensure all young Migrants and Refugees can reach their full potential in their host country and as part of the ACCM mission to inspire and empower the next generation leaders, this work continues as an initiative of the UN Christopher .

People act on a combination of choices and threats. These threats include widespread persecution, armed conflict, and other situations of violence, insecurity and poverty. Regardless of the reasons for migrating, people can become vulnerable at many stages of their journey as they travel from their home countries, often through numerous other countries. Migrants transit through areas of armed conflict or other situations of violence. Many get stranded. And all along their route, they make easy targets for abuse and exploitation, while facing countless other risks. Even those migrants arriving safely in countries of destination, endure great hardship during their journey that can affect their physical integrity and mental health. Every year, thousands of migrants disappear or die along the way.