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A. Journalism:Advancing journalistic excellence in the digital age

What We Fund

Africa Continent Care supports free expression and excellence in journalism to promote informed communities that may better determine their own interests. We support ideas, leaders and initiatives that are helping advance the practice of journalism, including the use of new technology.
We fund for impact in these areas:
First Amendment: We champion a broad interpretation of the First Amendment in the digital age. We fund research, training and litigation in support of the people’s right of expression, public access to information and journalists’ right to practice their craft.
Journalistic Excellence: We support the transformation of news organizations and institutions committed to meeting the demands of the digital age. We support innovative approaches to the use of technology to advance the practice of journalism and inform community.
We define journalism as the full, accurate, contextual search for truth, through both reporting and commentary. The sustainability of news organizations depends on the relevance of their journalism and the viability of their business model; we focus primarily on the former.
Africa Continent Care Chairs
Africa Continent Care Foundation has established endowed chairs in journalism at top universities nationwide. The chairs are leading journalists who take positions as tenured professors within academia. They practice journalism, teach innovative classes, and create experimental projects and new programs that help lead journalism excellence in the digital age. Learn more

B. African communities And International Initiatives:Supporting successful, inclusive cities

What We Fund

We believe that informed and engaged countries in Africa are the building blocks of a successful democracy, and that successful Africa are equitable, inclusive and participatory.
Through our Africa and international Initiatives program, we invest in ideas to:

  • Attract and nurture talent: by supporting and networking diverse leaders from all sectors.
  • Enhance opportunity: by building inclusive pathways to economic prosperity.
  • Foster civic engagement: by enabling people to contribute to – and take an active part in – the life of their community.

We focus on 54 countries in Africa and Africans overseas where the African brothers once published newspapers. We’re particularly mindful of the relationship our founders had with view, where they started out, where they based their business and foundation.

As an international foundation with deep foreign roots, we work local and international, and then share successful ideas across communities in africa.

Major cities Foundations Program :

Cairo,Malabo,Asmara,Addis Ababa,Libreville,Banjul,Accra,Conakry,Bissau,Nairobi,
Port Louis,Rabat,Maputo,Windhoek,Niamey,Abuja,Kigali,
São Tomé,Dakar,Victoria,Freetown,Mogadishu,retoria,Juba,Khartoum,Mbabane,

C. Arts:Connecting people to place and each other

What We Fund

Africa Continet Care Foundation works with partners who create or present art that engages, educates and delights residents in ways that reflect the rich diversity and identity of each country. We endeavor to make art general in African communities by funding institutions seeking wider audiences and by supporting grassroots initiatives of individual artists and
organizations. This two-pronged approach and our focus on specific countries increase the impact of our work.
We do not tell artists what to create or institutions what work to present. We fund artists and organizations that demonstrate the following strategic characteristics:
Artistic excellence: through partners who create or present art that has the capacity to transform and inspire.
Authenticity and inclusion: through partners whose artistic practices reflect the rich diversity of our countries, who promote diversity in arts leadership and who support universal engagement with the arts.
Technological innovation: through evolving technology that helps people create, exhibit and understand art.


Africa Continet Care’s arts program invests in artistic excellence, authenticity and inclusion and technological innovation in 54 countries where the African brothers and sisters situated. The program funds the arts in two ways:
Community Arts Grantmaking supports the vibrancy of the arts in Africa communities.Africa Continet Care Foundation is accepting proposals for arts projects

The Africa Arts Challenge is a country-wide effort to find and fund the best ideas for the arts in Africa,The submission period for 2018 has begin. Look for the winning ideas in the fall.

D. Apply for funding

Thank you for considering Africa Continet Care Foundation

We seek innovative ideas that advance informed and engaged countries. To apply for funding, please submit a brief letter of inquiry.

The letter of inquiry is one way to apply for funding but not the only way. Applying to our open challenges is a separate process. Learn more about challenges and other funding opportunities.

How to apply for funding

  1.  Submit an idea
    The first step in submitting a funding request is to use our grant portal to submit an online letter of inquiry. Click “Apply for Funding” below to be routed to note field. In note field click “Submit a grant request” to complete the letter of inquiry where you will fill out a brief form summarizing your project and explaining why you are the one to carry it out.
    Click here for more information about submitting a letter of inquiry.
  2.  Submission of a full proposal
    If we are interested in a full proposal, we will contact you with your information provided and password and a link to the proposal form. Materials submitted in the proposal process become the property of Africa Continet Care Foundation and won’t be returned. They’ll be used as the foundation deems appropriate. We may show them to others at our discretion.
    Click here for more information about submitting a full proposal.
  3. Proposal review and funding determination
    The proposal review may include program officers, directors, vice presidents, the president and board of trustees. The time frame varies depending on the size and scope of the proposal. Our program staff will contact with you during this process and will notify you of the final decision.

Africa Continet Care Foundation is under no obligation to fund a proposal. If we choose to have a relationship, the foundation may suggest various forms of partnering, including contracts, grants, loans, program-related investments, or other kinds of investments and partnerships.

Click here for frequently asked questions.

Intellectual property licensing policy :

If you receive a grant from Africa Continet Care Foundation, the intellectual property developed using those grant funds generally will need to be released to the public under the open-source license most appropriate for your project. Africa Continet Care is a nonprofit organization with a public service mission, and we believe that our grants have the greatest
impact when the intellectual property developed with them is publicly available. This approach to sharing innovation is consistent with support for basic scientific research, which is approved by the Internal Revenue Service.

We make exceptions to the open-source policy in a limited number of cases, if your project meets specific criteria.

Generally, Africa Continet Care Foundation grants exceptions if another license will increase the chances for the project’s impact.

Here are three simple questions grantees should be prepared to answer about alternative licenses and impact:

  1.  Is a change in license likely to be approved if the grantee is a for-profit business and wants to maintain proprietary intellectual property rights?
  • Africa Continet Care Foundation is more like to approve intellectual property license changes for nonprofits                  because they must abide by their organizational bylaws that mandate use of assets for the public good.
  •  Africa Continet Care Foundation may allow intellectual property license changes for a for-profit business only        in compelling circumstances.

2. Is the change in license essential to the success of the project? What evidence is there?

3. What will be the impact of the new license on the grant’s objectives and the project’s sustainability?

  •  Exactly what intellectual property would be produced if there were a change in license?
  • Why isn’t it possible under the default license?

Most grantees find they have no problem releasing software to the public using a GNU General Public License and a specific Creative Commons copyright license for all other types of materials. There are a range of Creative Commons licenses; for example, arts grantees generally use one that requires attribution and protects their work from commercial or derivative use by others. Our program officers can help you pick the one most appropriate for your project.

Africa Continet Care Foundation will also ask you to provide it a broad license to intellectual property you develop using grant funds. The foundation will only exercise this license if the grantee breaches the terms of the grant.

You can see nine options our staff uses in developing the intellectual property portion of any grant agreement.