Immigration Activist Fighting to Change Living Condition of Migrants and Refugees.

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Activities to assist refugees, victims of wars, migrants, street children

U.N. Christopher is an Activist of immigrants in Vulnerable condition, In the wide-ranging interviews, activists show that there are many ways to be involved in the immigration reform movement but being fearless is a common denominator across the board. “In the political realm, undocumented people have risked a great deal to stop deportations.

Undocumented immigrants have been increasingly depicted as ‘impossible subjects’ of the nation state. Additionally, increasing restrictive legislation ‘normalises migrants’ subaltern position’ in the labour force, and, in doing so, legalises the exploitation of cheap labour, transforming sections of the immigrant population, environments raise structural barriers to access to basic rights by vulnerable
groups and make their lives and their working condition in receiving societies extremely difficult. Among other things, they lower their chances to participate in the public life and make rights claims in the societies where they settle. Nonetheless, extremely hostile environments often leave immigrants no other choice, but to mobilise, giving birth to new immigrant identities and forms of resistance.

I favor Migrants and Refugees for all aliens, Among these people are our future scientists, leaders, educators, and yes, laborers. I don’t understand the animosity.