Madagascar: Finally announce cure to Covid- Pandemic. Contact Madagascar for immediate supply.

Coronavirus Cases: 121.Deaths: 0.

Madagascar: President presents his “remedy” against the coronavirus

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President Andry Rajoelina drinks with his wife, bottle of “Covid-Organics” decoction in hand. It is one of two remedies he presented on Monday, April 20, which he says cures the virus.

The President of the Republic presented on April 20 with great fanfare “his remedy” against the coronavirus. A decoction and an organic herbal tea made from artemisia and other secret Malagasy plants, developed by the Madagascan Institute for Applied Research (IMRA). These medicines will be distributed free of charge to the most vulnerable people and put on sale this Wednesday in pharmacies and supermarkets. The president has made it compulsory to take this medication for students in grades 3 and 12 who return to school on Wednesday.

With our correspondent in Antananarivo,

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride that we announce that the research work of IMRA has been successful. ”

In front of an audience of guests – ministers, diplomats and scientists – the Madagascan president presented the two improved traditional remedies. For reasons of intellectual property protection, the ingredients of the two drugs remain confidential. Only artemisia, a plant of Chinese origin introduced in 1995 in Madagascar is revealed.

“If you look at the chemical profile of artemisia, you can see that there are known molecules that stimulate the immune system,” said Charles Andrianjara, researcher in molecular design and managing director of IMRA. So first, we will say that it is for prevention. ”

The head of state goes further and talks about a cure for the Covid-19. “Today, there are already two cases that have been cured thanks to Tambavy CVO [herbal tea]. What we want to do today is to popularize the Tambavy CVO to protect our people. Afterwards, we already had a lot of requests from all over the world, in Canada, in the United States, in Europe, so that we could get our products to them. ”

The Malagasy population “guinea pig”?

Problem: impossible to know the number of people on whom this treatment, designed in a few days, was tested. Like the ingredients of the drug, this figure has not been released. To reassure the most skeptical, IMRA confirmed that “more in-depth clinical studies are underway.”

Information that ulcers Fanirisoa Ernaivo, an opposition figure. “Use the Madagascan population, especially children, as a guinea pig for this miracle remedy, but it is dangerous! Two supposedly healed people? But that’s all! Why not have tested on all sick people and wait for the overall result, before announcing and producing in large quantities? For me, having produced in large quantities means that tests are just formalities. While not, clinical trials are not formalities. This is a step that should be mandatory before saying that a remedy is a remedy. I’m not a scientist, I’m just saying that there are economic issues in this story. However, there is no invitation to tender, no market consultation. Political manipulation continues. And that’s what appeals to me. ”

“It can’t hurt”

The scientific community that promotes artemisia maintains that “the president put the cart before the zebus”. However, “effective or not against the coronavirus, the remedy, in any event, can not do harm”, especially in a population exposed to diseases such as malaria or bilharziasis. “It has been sixteen years since WHO put a spanner in the works for our studies on artemisia to be buried. Yes, WHO is in the pay of international laboratories. But the advantage is that these large laboratories today have no control over Madagascar. ”

To close the ceremony, the president and his wife clinked glasses of decoction in hand, before swallowing a few glasses of “Covid-Organics”, “to convince the reluctant,” read the press release.

For the head of state, the gradual deconfinement of the country set in motion on Monday, it is to these drugs that we owe them. The president assures that the remedy will be manufactured in sufficient quantity so that the 27 million Malagasy can all have access to it.

For the moment, two local industries in the capital are producing the remedies with the raw materials supplied and purchased by the state. The bottled decoction is now produced by the company Vidzar (Dzama rums, in particular). As for the herbal tea, it is the company TAF (coffee, tea, spices and condiments, in particular) which prepares and puts in bags. RFI

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