Please we need your help now more than ever

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donating now.

Africa Continent Care

For Migration


How it affects immigrants.

Please we need your help now more than ever.This is an unprecedented time and we are doing all that we can to make sure we do our part to be good community partners. Our staff will be working remotely to comply with COVID-19 safety regulations. We will still respond to all outreach as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your support as we adjust to this rapidly changing situation.

A crucial part of our work is partnering with schools and youth-serving agencies to provide assistance to migrants and refugees, kids in their host country. Vulnerable migrants, refugees and their families are facing a huge challenges during this crises Covid-19.


We are developing plans to provide our important work to support migrants,refugees and prevent kids from being trafficked. We are reaching out to ask for your support during this time of crisis so we can keep migrants,refugees and kids in our community engaged. You can help make this possible by donating now.

Our preliminary plans include:



Hand sanitizer

Face mask

Our goal remains unchanged

Thank you so much for your support in this time,

Africa Continent Care For Migration

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